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Wrought Iron Lorenz – Ferart

Our company operates since 1945 in the field of wrought iron. The experience we have acquired after many years of business has given us the ability to meet all the specific requirements of our customers that our products can be found in the articles of taste is classic and modern, both prestige and economic, customizable on request. For the manufacture of all our products is used as the material of choice with advanced equipments and through careful work done by hand you will get our high quality products and value typically craft.   A processing finished products are processed and protective finish, the traditional color shaded black or many other colors. Our quality, service and qualified and respect of deliveries are elements that have led our company to be well-known in Italy and abroad.

Handles and Fittings [book id=’52’ /]
Door handles – Door knobs – Windows handles – Lock plates – Shelves – Furniture Fittings – Gate hinges – Keyhole plates – Chains – Fittings – Ornamental elements – Ornamental volutes – Ornamental baluster – Decoratives Top – Nameplates – Numbers – Handrails – Handrail-brackets – Fence spikes
Interior designs – Hause and Garden Furniture [book id=’53’ /]
Beds – Garden furniture – Garden seater – Chairs – Tables – Stands for flower pots – Flower-cradle with copper-insert – Heavy wall bracket for signs, flower-pedants – Flower-basket – Wall bracket – Wall ornament – Bistro chair – Bistro table – Shoe scraper – Bell rope with bronze bell – Newspaper tube – Letter box – House-number – Wardrobe – Mirror – Umbrella stand – Vestiaire-console – Hall-stand – Handgeschmiedete Figuren – Lantern – Candle-stick – Hinged clothes hanger – Key box – Bottle carrier – Set of fire irons – Timber basket – Curtain rail
Indoor and Outdoor lamps [book id=’63’ /]
Wall lamps – Standing lamps – Hanging lamps – Ceiling chandeliers – Lanterns – Wrought iron wall lamps – Wrought iron standing lamps – Wrought iron hanging lamps – Wrought iron ceiling chandeliers – Wrought iron lanterns