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Our company since 1945 works in the field of wrought iron.

The experience we have gained after many years in business has given us the ability to meet all the specific requirements of our customers who can find articles in our production of both classic and modern taste, both prestige and economic, customized on request.

For the manufacture of all our products is used as the material of choice with advanced equipment and through un'accuratto processing done by hand you will get our high quality products and value typically hand.
A processing finished products are processed and protective finish, traditional shaded black in color or in many other colors.

Our quality, attentive service and qualified and respect of the deliveries are elements that have led our company to be well-known in Italy and abroad.

Our history

Immediately after the war Lorenzo Consonni, teacher of mathematics and design, engages in a basement to build punches for textile, templates for back-plate molds for small parts and metal.. Gained experience toolmaker he specialized in wrought iron, His passion, building gates, scale, balconies and fences designed to beautify homes and villas in Lombardy; thus expanding the business in a small workshop of approximately 200sqm.
Requests urged the imagination to create artifacts for interiors, decor items, beds, tables, mirrors and hangers, and chandeliers, appliques, lampshades e lantern, which led him to be well known throughout the national territory.

Created after the first handles for doors and windows, hinges for doors and wrought iron furniture, sensing in recent articles the possible future expansion of its company.
In the early 60 the small workshop was doubled and with the progress the company grew apprentices and workers who were increasingly specializing.

Lorenzo died on Consonni 25 December 1965 at the age of 58 years.

In January of the following year his son Gianmario, sixteen, student with diploma, and commercial art school in Pure and Applied, grew up with the same passion for wrought iron, took the reins of the company and transformed the small workshop in a small firm, with approx 1000sqm, then reach, to its present location, the 3000sqm with a large showroom where you will find all the items on display of own production.

This development has taken place over the years thanks to numerous commercial initiatives to raise awareness of their products, through trade fairs in Italy and abroad and continuously updated catalogs, international.
Primary was to be coordinated with the ability to complete the series that handed down to build new ones, following the evolution and changes in the various markets, in different types of machining and finishing, can be personalized on request, thus allowing the adattamendo the articles in each environment both rustic and classic-modern medium of both prestige and economic.

The experience gained in all these years in business has given us the opportunity to satisfy every request of our clients.
Three catalogs currently collect all our production:


The products were typically hand-made processing, the material of choice, finishes pretreated in a wide range of colors, service and prompt deliveries of each entity , professionalism and quality control guarantee the authenticity and the characteristics of our products


IRON Lecco

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